Mablethorpe In Bloom is a community organisation that has an ambition to help and motivate groups within the town to brighten up the street scene.

In BloomChair: Sue Sheekey
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hone: 07 539 291 528

Vice Chair: Graham Cullen

Secretary: Pat Locke
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Working closely with statutory bodies we try to advise and help with maintaining a clean and pleasent street scene within the town of Mablethorpe. We also can help and advise other groups that are interested in using flowers to brighten up their neigbhood.

We are responsible for entering the town into each years East Midlands In Bloom competition where we have over the last few years achieved a Silver award in the Coastal Town category.


Sue Sheekey was voted at the very end of April 2017 as Chairperson of Mablethorpe in Bloom, Graham Cullen of the Louth Hotel was voted Vice Chair, Pat Locke as secretary and Kathy Barker who owns the Blitz Tearooms, treasurer.

Since I have been voted my partner and I have been very busy, as you may or may not know we do all the display at the corner of Golf Road and Alford Road, bus shelter, wheelbarrow etc.

We are very fortunate that we have a very good friend who lives in Maltby le Marsh, Gordon Leesley who has made the helter skelter, bathing hut and wheelbarrow for us.

We are very lucky that we have a great company in Strubby called Greenaway who supply most if not all of the plants and compost that we use and now the town.

I have managed after a few phone calls and meeting with the Mablethorpe Primary Academy to paint this years seaside and Halloween pictures which we had on our fence and they are happy to continue to do so.  We have also arranged to have planters made and for them to have their own fruit and veg garden, which I am sure the children will enjoy doing.

John and I were very luck to have the Mablethorpe Art Group paint a beautiful mural in the bus shelter.We are hoping that Pat and Frank Flint will also be helping next year with more paintings to brighten up our town.

I managed this year to liaise with ELDC to include more rose bushes and ground cover in Queens Park and the County Council to put some more plants in for the coming  autumn in the town which hopefully will be an ongoing venture.  The town now is looking remarkably clean and tidy and it seems we have the interest also of the shops, who have had a brush up.

John and I along with our MIB members are looking forward to a better year next year, we have loads planned and a lot more input from the locals which is encouraging  for all concerned, who knows we may win Gold next year. By the way we were 7 points up from last years Britain in Bloom so its looking favourable.

Take care,

Sue Sheekey Chairperson of Mablethorpe in Bloom